13 Feb
Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) 4.0 : The Changing Landscape of Marketing Communication

Integrated marketing communication is defined as a process that coordinates all of the various communication messages and tools used by an organization into a consistent message.

16 Oct
PGDM Finance Courses- The Gateway to a Secure Future

A big sector with a bigger opportunity to grow, thrive, and prosper- here’s the scope for students pursuing PGDM Finance Course can expect.

16 Oct
Why a PGDM Human Resources Course is the Perfect Career Choice for You?

The unlimited potential- be it in finance, sales, marketing or more are all unearthed and discovered by a credible HR team.

16 Oct
The Scope of PGDM Marketing Professional Courses in India

Through Marketing; Marketing is exactly how you can connect your niche target groups together but that’s not all.

16 Oct
How can I get admission in PGDM course?

Acknowledging the dilemma most students are facing today, PGDM Schools like Shanti Business School has decided to break down the entire admission process for PGDM courses in Ahmedabad, India.

16 Oct
Experience & overall professional growth at SBS

The exposure, faculty, peer learning, and all the prerequisites required to make a successful career in corporate are provided by the institute

16 Oct
Congratulations to Ms. Rashmi Vishwakarma from PGDM Batch 2019-21

Shanti Business School has been a tremendously inspirational experience for me right from the first day.

14 Sep
Hybrid Learning

a method of teaching and learning that blends face-t0-face classroom instruction with online activities

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