PGDM - Entrepreneurship

Rising dissatisfaction at job has become one of the most need of the current time. At lot of this can be attributed to growing creative dissatisfaction among the employees. Employees feel the rigid office culture often scuffle their creativity. What better then to start one’s own venture where one can become one’s own boss? This is especially true in the current time as people have become more confident in their abilities and the environment too has turned in favour of the entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are now treated as heroes and there is high regard for self-employment. At the same time, they are viewed as wealth creators. By mobilizing idle savings, they contribute significantly in capital formation, promote regional development, reduces the concentration of economic power, promotes employment, improves standard of living of people and facilitates overall development. Thus, entrepreneurship helps boosting national income leading to increased collection of tax revenue.

The government too on its part is actively promoting entrepreneurships, by providing various subsidies and incentives like tax breaks, low cost finance, single window clearance, preference to the MSME sector in procurement etc. The 19 Point Action Plan developed by Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) has focused on restricting hindrances and promoting faster growth. With the entire system becoming agile and information flow being democratized breaking into the entrepreneurial scenario has become simpler. Moreover, there is not only an increased acceptance of entrepreneurs in the job market but they are also valued more as along with a hands-on experience in all the domains of management they also perceived to be better at identifying opportunities. This lowers the risk perceived to be associated with entrepreneurship.

SBS too on its part has a history of offering electives that has helped students to find their groundings in prestigious organizations with convictions. With this in cognizance it is offering entrepreneurship as an elective is being offered to the students to help them get a hands-on experience about the opportunities and the challenges present in the domain. The course has been designed in a very comprehensive manner to give the students an overall view of all the aspects of entrepreneurship which includes subjects in finance, business plan preparation, to the marketing strategies needed, to how business risk can be managed, to social entrepreneurship etc. In short, the students are trained in all aspects of entrepreneurship and management as a whole. The following is the list of the subjects that are being offered as electives:

Courses Offered

  • Family Business Management
  • Business Plan and Project Preparation
  • Enterprise resource planning
  • Design thinking
  • Entrepreneurial Finance and Investor Pitching
  • Entrepreneurial Marketing
  • Sickness and Turnaround Strategies
  • Business Risk Management
  • Finance and Tax Strategies for Family Business
  • Behavioral Economics
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Cases of Entrepreneurs


In short the curriculum has been designed in such a manner so that the students who are opting for entrepreneurship as an elective have a complete knowledge of all the domains of management. After completion of the course they have the option of joining their own business, starting their own venture or sit for placement. 

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