Using Al as a Creative Aid

A course on Using Al as a Creative Aid is offered to the second year students of communication specialization. The course is aimed at enhancing the content writing skills using the Al tools. The course covers topics like building prompt flows, using ChatGPT, Dall-E, Leonardo-Al, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion and Bard. The students are given hands on training on using them and are taught to embrace Al for creating more effective content for online platforms.

Course on Canva Pro

A course on Canva Pro has been launched for the students of communication specialization. The course aims at acquainting students with the various features of Canva, basics of designing and layout and the understanding the usage of colours in designs. This course will enable the students to use Canva for creating better designs and using the software to its optimum capacity.

International Business

Shanti Business School in collaboration with JBS Academy Private Limited conducts "Certificate Program on International Business" for students of IB Specialization, which covers topics on export-import, incoterms, custom clearance, risk management, foreign trade policy, and other allied topics to international business. Students undergo rigorous 65 hours of training and earn 4 credits after clearing the final exam.

Financial Modelling and Valuation Techniques

SBS in collaboration with Grant Thornton Bharat offers a comprehensive 40-hour workshop tailored to elevate participant's proficiency in financial modelling and valuation techniques. It enables students to understand the fundamentals of DCF modelling, its components, and the crucial role it plays in assessing the intrinsic value of a business. Participants will gain practical insights into discount rates, cash flow projections, and terminal value estimations.

Supply Chain Analytics

The Supply Chain Analytics course provides an immersive learning experience covering a comprehensive range of topics and units designed to equip participants with the essential knowledge and skills for optimizing supply chain operations. The course comprises sessions on demand forecasting, inventory management, transportation and logistics optimization, risk management, performance measurement, and the utilization of cutting-edge analytics tools and techniques. Participants delve into real-world case studies, practical applications, and hands-on exercises, fostering a deep understanding of supply chain dynamics and the ability to make data-driven decisions to enhance supply chain efficiency, reduce costs, and improve overall organizational performance.

Structured Query Language (SQL)

SQL is used to access data within the relational database. Modern organizations store large amount of data, SQL helps to extract the data quickly. The course on SQL provides a hands-on training on getting access to data within the relational database. Students practice using different types of Joins to get data from two tables. There are sessions dedicated for writing queries and sub-queries. On the data front the students learn summarizing data using aggregate functions and performing basic arithmetic calculations. By the end of the course, students would be capable to clean data using SQL.

Selling Skills

The course on "Selling Skills" is offered to the students of marketing specialization. The objective of this course is to let the students learn the selling skills not merely by memorizing the theory, but by experiencing it practically. Industry experts and academicians are invited to acquaint the students to tools and techniques for different steps of salles. Processes are taught to students by incorporating role plays and mock drill of presentation and demonstration, overcoming objections and closing the deal.

HR Analytics

HR Analytics workshop is conducted by an industry practitioner to equip the 2nd year HR Specialization students with basic understandings of analyzing the HR Data and creating HR Dashboards. The objective of the workshop is that the students will be able to analyze the real time HR related problems in the industry and will be able to appraise the HR performance drivers in the organization. As the pedagogy is based on case studies and hands on learning experiences, it makes students industry ready and be at par with industry requirements.

Negotiation Skills

The course on Negotiation Skills is conducted for 2nd Year HR Specialization students and aims to inculcate in them an essential skill for career progression. The workshop conducted by a professional trainer includes topics like Negotiation Tactics and Strategy, Salary Negotiation, Union Negotiation, Role of Power and Designing the BATNA. The workshop is based on experiential learning and deals with real time examples and situations which makes the students industry ready.

International Immersion Program

Shanti Business School is focused on providing opportunities & certifications to students through International projects and collaborations. These programs will equip student managers with multicultural exposure at the global level, helping them to easily adapt to the international work environment.

SBS, in association with UAS International, announced a Global Immersion Program at Dubai for its students. As a part of this, students were taken for visits to organizations in Dubai where they got exposure to Global Trade, Money Management through BlockChain, and International Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

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