E-Commerce Certification Course

The program is aimed to give students an overall understanding of E-Commerce Industry, develop a deep understanding of business models and revenue models for E-Commerce. E-commerce is one of the fastest growing sectors. This course will give student ability to devise strategy for taking a business online & evaluate opportunities.

  • Basics of E-Commerce, Introduction, History and growth
  • The changing face of industry and impact of E-commerce on various businesses
  • Strategy and marketing principles applicable to E-commerce industry
  • Business and Revenue Models
  • Implementing E-commerce for various businesses
  • Regulatory environment for E-commerce
Executive Program in Business Analytics

Tech And Train™ is short form for Technology and Training. It is created with a belief that training, mentoring , nurturing knowledge around open source & collaborative ways is the best way for progress.

  • Introduction to Data Science & Analytics including basics of Statistics, Data Structures, RDBMS & Algorithms
  • Overview of application of Analytics in Financial, HR, Marketing & Operations (Supply Chain & Retail)
  • Overview of Social Media Analytics
  • Marketing Analytics covering Google Analytics, Marketing Automation & SEO
  • Technology Framework for Analytics – BigData, NoSQL, AWS
  • Programming fundamentals & overview of Excel, Python & R
  • Machine Learning, Deep Learning, IoT & Text Analytics Fundamentals
  • Project on Data Analytics – Analysis & Visualization of a dataset
LearnEx Training Certification Program

It’s a Video Based Functional Training Mobile App training candidates for real job post college education. C.R.A.F.T Academia is a tool provided by learnEx which provides the following deliverables.

  • Training candidates right from Basics of a Subject to the “Real Job Simulation”
  • “Ideation of Concept” to the “Explanation of the Concept”
  • Sharpening “Business Skills” which includes “Communication Skills” as well as “Interview Skills” (Specific to the Job Interview)
  • LearnEX also provides Module Certification Tests
  • Play QuizEX against other students all over India
  • Wealth Management
  • Wealth Management
  • Technical Analysis
  • Fundamental Analysis
Knowcraft Certification Course

SBS has a tie-up with Knowcraft Analytics Pvt Ltd as a knowledge partner. SBS & Knowcraft had jointly run a valuation course for 2nd year for finance specialization students. The course covered a wide variety of valuation topics like Valuation Narrative, DCF (Discounted Cash Flow Valuation), Relative Valuation and Asset-based Valuation. The purpose of this course was to equip students with the necessary skills & knowledge, to become valuation professionals and work in valuation companies. Knowcraft Analytics being a leader in valuation area has created significant value preposition for SBS students.

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