Dr. Prashant Sharma

Assistant Professor - Finance

Dr. Prashant Sharma has total work experience of 22 years, out of which 21 years have been in the industry. He has been part of banks like Citibank NA, HSBC, RBL Bank etc. Most of his experience is in financial services and retail broking. His area of interest are Investments, Security Analysis and Valuations. An avid follower of Geo-economics and Geo-Political events around the globe. He firmly believes in holistic approach to economics and finance, since the interlinkages in global scenario are too strong to be avoided and looked in isolation. Prior to this he has served as an Asst Professor at Marwadi University, Rajkot. 


Education Qualification:

  • BSC (Maths)
  • PGDM (Finance)
  • PhD

Area of Interest: Investments, Security Analysis, Valuations & Derivatives.


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